Author of the website (Jahirul Islam)

I am Jahirul Islam, a Software Engineer from Dhaka, Bangladesh. I've been working full time building softwares since 2019!

In my career I have worked on building solutions for various domains, such as ERP, retail solution, etc. Right now I'm working on large scale logs processing.

I've graduated from East West University in Computer Science & Engineering.

This page will gradually get updated (hopefully) with new contents


From most familiar to the least, sort of ..


HTML It's not much but it's honest work!


JavaScript Most familiar among all things here. From JS embedded inside HTML to JS frameworks in both frontend and backend, worked with all.


NodeJS Backend language (or runtime environment) of choice. 2 years of professional experience. More years of personal experience.


Java Slowly warming up to it after trying to avoid it for a while!


Angular(+JS) Frontend framework of choice. Moderate amount of experience.


Python Love Python! Did not have the opportunity to use Python for anything work related yet. Would love to work more in Python.

PostgresSQL, MySQL

PostgresSQL, MySQL Most of my DBMS experience is in RDBMS. Has experience of designing schema from scratch.


Kafka Recently (Q4, 2020) started using Kafka. Built oauth component, connectors and streams application using Kafka.



An application to manage outcome based education. It allows teachers to set evaluation criterias and grade students.
NodeJS Angular PostgreSQL